Filters and parts

We manufacture and stock parts for extraction equipment including:

  • Pleated panel filters (G4-F8 Grade in various sizes).
  • Glass Panel.
  • C-Cell mini pleats.
  • Bag/Pocket Filters.
  • Grease Filters.
  • Holding frames & pads.
  • Filter kits and Spares kits for extraction equipment.
  • Afterfilters for Filtermist oil mist collectors available in three different sizes.
  • Synthetic Filter Media.


Please call 07788 438127 or email [email protected] to discuss your specific requirements.

G4 Pleated Panels

Glass Panels from £2.95
G4 Pleated Panels from £2.25
F6 Pleated Panels from £6.50
Grease Filters from £30.00
Filter Kits from£23.00
Spare Kits from£52.00


 A small sample of the range of filters available from Extraction Management Ltd